Blest Sinners Founder — Christopher Cho

Growing up, I’ve always strived to be different, to stand out from the rest of the crowd. This mindset made me turn towards the world of fashion, a place where individuals express themselves through the clothing that they wear. Not assimilate to the majority view on what is trending per se, rather what we find appealing and suited for our personalities.

We try not to admit that we judge people right off the bat by their physical appearance, but that’s just the world that we live in. Aside from their ethnicity, hairstyle, or other physical features, we can assess them based off of their clothing. What an individual is wearing can sometimes help determine what kind of interests they have or even what kind of person they are.

Of course, looking at the clothing a person wears doesn’t necessarily define who they are completely, it may express their current mood or state of mind that they are in. An example is if someone is wearing baggy sweatpants one day it can just mean they are just feeling relaxed.

I guess what I am trying to get at is: this brand or whatever you want to call it, is my form of self-expression. My way of expressing my uniqueness onto a piece of clothing. The unique thought process that went into every small detail on every article of clothing. A form of art you can wear.

When people see my clothing pieces out in public, I want them to be like “you can tell that’s one of Blest Sinners’ pieces,” without even having to see a logo.

This is only the beginning, I strive to make this whole “thing” bigger. The focus is to get my unique designs out there. Not for the money nor for fame. I just want my form of art to be appreciated.